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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 7, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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tonight, an "e.t." exclusive. jamie foxx and katie holmes make it official. >> the tabloids have you very much in love. >> yeah, all the time. >> after years of dating rumors, photos of the couple hand in hand. we have got the details. plus -- >> we're a family. >> george and amal's new interview, spilling details about the twins. and do they want more kids? as george confesses his one marr r
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then we're with the new "dancing with the stars" cast. breaking down the couples to beat. >> i like it. plus, kim and kanye's third baby. what we just learned about the surrogate. and reese witherspoon's bff fights with ellen over oprah and jen aniston. >> she is a close friend of mine. >> better friends with me. >> this is like the delusional relationship you have with oprah. >> now you're talking about something serious, okay? for september 6, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." we have the new photos everybody is talking about. jamie foxx and katie holmes holding hands on the beach. >> after rumors and speculation, can wein fally put hollywood's worst kept secret to rest? they are more than just friends. they stepped out in public as a couple for the first time on labor day. they walked hand in hand on a
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and according to an eyewitness, they looked like a pair of young kids in love. how long has this secret romance been going on? the rumors first surfaced in 2013 when katie and jamie were seen dancing together at the hamptons. here's what jamie told nancy about the rumors. in 2015. >> so you're not dating katie. the tabloids have you very much in love. >> yeah, all the time. but what i have learned about society today is that they are so thirsty, especially in tabloid world and social media world. >> speaking of social media, in april of this year, a vlogger snapped this photo of katie and jamie dining in new york city. >> i like to stay quiet. you know, with anyone that i'm dating, that i'm really, really dating. >> you have imagined to do that. how do you do that? >> i just -- i feel like this -- if somebody is just dating, the worst thing you can do is let that touch you. >> but there could be at lea
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the relationship under wraps. a source tells us per katie's divorce agreement with tom cruise, they agreed not to go public with a new romance for at least five years. their divorce was finalized five years ago in august. we reached out to reps for katie and jamie, but did not hear back. just hours after the images surfaced, tom was seen landing in london by helicopter. the actor was all smiles and had a big thumbs up. >> making this entire thing awkward is once upon a time, tom cruise and jamie were close. they were boys. we'll have more than that relationship later in the show. turning now to george clooney's relationship with amal. he is revealing even more details about their love story and his initial thoughts after he found out he was going to be a dad to twins. "holy bleep, i'm a parent. i hope i don't screw this up." those were george's first
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amal gave birth. the guy who used to struggle with loneliness and insomnia says, my house is filled with the warm sounds of babies crying. but do mr. and mrs. clooney want more? amal's answer is no. quote, i'm 39, and already had them late. we learned a few things in george's new interview with "the hollywood reporter." amal got pregnant without the help of fertility drugs. getting twins was a shock. quote, i kept thinking it was a mistake. george's nickname for amal is amoula. that's her parent's nickname for her. he does things like give her massages and changes the diapers. amal says the thing that surprises her most is, quote what a great father he is. george confesses he has one regret on marriage -- ote, i'm sorry i was 50-something when i fell madly in love, but only because i could have spent even more time with her. so yes, at 56, george is still the sexiest man alive.
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>> right now, clooney is making the rounds with matt damon. is he leaving hollywood? george simply says, quote, as you get older, the parts aren't quite as interesting. i'm not a leading man anymore. nobody wants to see me kiss the girl. oh, come on, george. he is just a distinguished ladies man now. >> there are lots of ladies that still want that smooch, george. nischelle turner is joining me now. george has got a twins. now kim and kanye are expanding the west household. >> i love this. i love spreading good news, nancy, because in the new year, it's going tino brg kim and kanye a new bundle of joy. ♪ >> having another baby would mean everything to me. >> a source close to kim telling "e.t." that the couple was expecting baby number three via surrogacy. >> do you think mommy and daddy should have one more baby? >> no. yes. >> no? yes? what's the answer? no or yes? >> yeah. >> the baby is repdl
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january, our source telling us, quote, they took the time finding the right woman to carry their baby and they are being very hands on in the process. kim had health complications with both daughter north, now 4, and son, saint, 21 months. she has a serious medical klg ksz pla sulg it have condition. it makes another pregnancy life-threatening. >> the doctor is, like, for sure now, you should not carry another baby. >> the couple, worth an estimated $305 million, is paying their surrogate $45,000 in ten monthly installments. >> if you use a surrogate, nobody has to know the whole time. that is a benefit. >> the 36-year-old considered a family member to carry her third baby. >> you would carry the baby. and then give it to me. >> what? >> but ultimately hired an agency to find a suitable surrogate who is prohibited from smokesing and drinking or using hot tub
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a source tells us -- they wouldn't make wild demands. they want a healthy pregnancy. if there's one thing about kim and kanye, they make beautiful children. so i say, look, keep having those babies. now to the new season of "dancing with the stars," and our insider, cameron, with me now. no surprises here. >> not really. we kind of knew who it was going to be, but it doesn't make it any less exciting though, does it? season 25, here we go. it promises to bring some real competitive heat, starting with one major ballroom wife swap. >> lysacheki. i like it. >> for the first time in "dancing" history, married couples are switching up on the dance floor. nick and vanessa lachey are pairing up with maks and peta. make no mistake, they are all in it to win it. >> i find myself in the bathroom, brushing my teeth or holding the baby, and i'm like -- >> and nick is on the other mirror. >> new yorkers. >> obviously, you don't want to
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and we tend to be competitive, but at the same time, it's cool to have the sportsmanship. ♪ ♪ celebrate good times, come on ♪ >> who has ever really taken a dancsse leon? anybody? >> this morning's announcement on "gma" didn't hold any casting surprises, but here's our breakdown. a lot of chemistry between the "property brothers" twin drew scott and pro emma slater. >> besides this, this is the best show. >> another twin to watch, pro wrestler nikki bella teaming up with artem chigvintsev. her strategy? hustle. >> there's a few things we can incorporate into dance moves. >> four pro athletes will be vying for the mirror ball trophy, as well as four musicians, including debbie gibson. >> i want to do the show now, bee
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health challenges and lyme disease. >> there's something else we can tell you. don't expect everyone to bare all. >> everybody has their shirt open or off, and i'm, like, i can't do that. i don't have that. >> that was huge. couldn't keep his shirt on. >> there were a few buttons opened for sure. we'll do picks right now. i'm doing derek fisher and sharna, terrell owens and -- >> i'm going nick lachey, and i have to give a shoutout to drew scott because he is my buddy. i don't know if he can dance, but he is my friend. >> i love that you threw derek fisher in there. d. fisher is my man. he has no shot. up next, movie sneak peeks with the stars onset. rami malek as front man freddie mercury. christian bale's dig cheney weight gain. and margot robbie with a wig and her queen elizabeth transformation. and with the romance public, what does that mean for jamie's bromance with her ex, tom cruise? >> you trying to heat it up? was it hot before you got here? ♪ fi
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in "people's" new issue, she poses with kids she adopted from malawi and talks about her family. first up, the 5-year-olds twins ester es tell la didn't know this was one of her hits. also, they call her mambo instead of mom. the girls she calls show-offs are acclimated to their new life, but the material girl said it was a grueling adoption process to bring them home. quote, because i'm a public figure, i get the hard road. it was just as rigorous as her previous adoptions. with 1 her1-year-old, quote, every newspaper said i kidnapped him. it was a low point, and i would cry myself to sleep. for mercy, madonna had to go through the support. despite that, the 59-year-old never abandoned malawi and went to the hospital. named after mercy. >> i have not forgotten my commitment to the children. closed captioning provided by --
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she really is, going makeup free while taking a ride in a luxury yacht in the hamptons. really is gorgeous. >> both you and i had a chance to see her au natural, and she is beautiful. >> not fair. >> look at her mom. she is stunning too. we go from the queen bey to a woman playing a queen. you cannot take your eyes off of margot robbie as queen elizabeth. topping tonight's role call, margot's metamorphosis. >> buried under layers of white powder and a fiery red wig, she is unrecognizable. transforming into elizabeth i. stepping into a role previously played by others, it must be nerve-racking for margot, but she is committed, even donning a bald wig to portray the queen's hair loss. but at least she didn't have to gain weight. this guy has to play dick cheney in the upcoming biopic.
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"backse "backseat." >> you didn't realize just how influential that man was upon everything that's happening now. >> christiano 's nngstrao er t extreme transformations, famously losing a report0 ed 7 pounds for "the machinist." his new movie bound to feature for stunning makeovers. amy adams is his wife, lynn and sam rockwell is president bush, and steve carell is rumsfeld. ♪ mama >> but they pale in comparison to freddie mercury in "bohemian rhapsody." a role he prepped for on the set of "mr. robot". next to christian slater. >> i hear him singing in there, and he is going to blow everybody away. >> and here's another role call for you -- justin timberlake and ariana grande and dave williams are teaming
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concert for an evening of music and y unitfor charlottesville. and that sounds amazing. >> we should go. still ahead, jamie foxx and katie holmes just revealed their romance. what's jamie's relationship like with katie's ex, tom cruise? >> from now on, you got owe friend. i really men that. plus why reese and ellen are fighting over oprah. >> did she text you, like, two days ago? >> she texted me three minutes ago. >> i doubt it. >> yes, she did!
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that is will smith getting his genie on on the live set of "aladdin." they are shooting in london. he's with his co-stars, he says they are doing it right, and it will be fantastic. >> you know it is if it's a will smith movie. can i say something random? will's skin, amazing. i mean it, will. let's talk about another friendship here. tom cruise and jamie foxx. you remember both of them starred in 2004's "collateral" together. back in the day, they had a serious bromance. >> trying to heat it up? was it hot before you got here? >> it was. look at this. >> it was a bromance "e.t." saw on full display at the 2004 premiere of their action film, "collateral." >> i'm sorry. >> no, you're not. >> both single dads at the time, tom's children, 13-year-old isla
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became on set friends with foxx's 10-year-old daughter, corinne. >> we had the kids together, giving them what they need, the tools they need to survive in this world. >>pa as rents, you're proud of the kids. >> to be honest with you, he's more genuine and coolest guy. i said, from now on, you got a friend. when i say that, i mean that. >> when jamie told us he was loving life unattached -- >> i like being the bachelor in l.a. >> tom said he was looking to settle down. >> you're our favorite eligible bachelor. >> thanks very much. >> will you ever get married again? >> yeah. i'm the guy who probably -- i like relationships. i enjoy the complexity and the intimacy. >> nine months later, tom began dating katie holmes. two months before their 2006 wedding, jamie joined the couple at a football game. thlt
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2012, and the first rumors began of a katie and jamie romance the following year in 2013. >> can we say settle down? >> it settle down! >> clearly, jamie and katie aren't hiding their romance anymore. despite what jamie told us in 2015 -- >> if i do fall in love with somebody, you will never know about it. >> and true to his word, he hasn't said anything, so maybe that means he is really in love. moving on now. yesterday, we brought you amal clooney's festival fashion, she looked absolutely gorgeous in the lilac versace. matt damon's lucy made all the waves, not lost on her proud husband. >> she is just so beautiful and that dress was just, like -- >> lucsey's xy red versace, making her hubby speechless, and
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their date night at the opening of the festival is not something matt takes for granted. >> i have never opened a festival before, and i have been here four times, but not to open the festival, so this was a pretty glamorous night. >> the couple has been married 11 years, and they have four daughters. >> what's the most romantic thing you like to do in venice? >> we don't have the kids with us, so every moment feels like -- it's just really -- you know, thanks to the kids' grandmother for staying home, because we're enjoying every minute. >> open your eyes. the world is filled with things to see. >> in the movie, matt and tekrisn wiig are husband and wife who shrink to 5 inches tall to help save the planet, to help a community of miniaturized people, where everything is downsized, including their people. >> i love the movie. it's a big movie, and there's a lot of special effects, but it's not like there are car chases
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>> if you could shrink yourself in real life, what would you do? >> hide. >> i can't wait to see this movie. i saw an extended clip, and it looks fun and fantastic. speaking of hiding, there's no hiding from reese witherspoon these days. she's on e-promotional blitz for her new movie, and on the ellen show, but what was supposed to be a simple interview turned into a battle of friendship. who is bffs with oprah and jennifer aniston? >> you're pitching a show with jen aniston. >> yes >> i know about this because jen is, of course, a close friend of mine. >> today on "ellen," this became a tug of war over who is besties with jen. >> she is my best friend. >> she allctuay told me she says that when you are around. >> and then lady o got dragged into the bff fray. >> this is like the delusional relationship you have with oprah as well. not knowing that oprah -- >> now you're talking about something serious, okay?
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>> well, did she text you, like, two days ago? >> she texted me three minutes ago. >> i doubt it. yes, she did! >> what did she say? >> i said, hey. i said, hey. i heard in october we're going to be going to this thing together, and we have to go out and have moscow mules and she said, yes, girl. >> well -- >> what did she say to you? >> she said, hey, neighbor, i'm waving because we're neighbors. >> in "home again," reese finds herself hiding a secret romance with a younger guy. >> by the way, i'm definitely old enough to drink alcohol. >> me too. >> hallie's mom nancy myers produced it. nancy is known for movie s like "the parent trap," "something's got to give," and "it's complicated". >> i have never worked with a mother-daughter team before, and it was really fun and nice to see those family
2:03 am
she knew more about film making than anybody i have ever met. >> it's awesome for her to be in a first-time female complete film. we're grateful she was part of it with us. >> she was amazing. she was amazing to work with. >> can we go back to reese for a second? a lot of people wondering what's behind her upcoming tv reunion with nicole kidman and oprah. >> the answer is coming up next.
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tomorrow on "e.t." -- >> are you ready for this? >> inside heidi klum's new york fashion week. our backstage exclusive. then -- >> gosh, it's already over for .e >> online dating? wedding plans? what tv's hottest hunks are only telling us. tomorrow on "e.t.." before we go, the emmys are just 11 days away, and check out this all-star list of presenters. >> can i throw out oprah, nicole kidman, reese witherspoon? alec baldwin? jessica beal. and "e.t." will be their first stop on the red carpet. >> the emmy awards here live, september 17
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communities and all most a half million people. anthony, the line of traffic is going to be here all night long. >> mark strassmann in miami. thank you very much. >> coming up next, hillary clinton on whose responsible for her historic loss. ♪ ♪


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